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Zhengsheng Module!

Equipment for each stage is complete in order to offer the most (mockup sample, silicon robber mold) exquisite products and services for you. Any request please feel free to contact with us.

zhengsheng module

When discussing design and structural design with your customers, you will need a physical model that allows customers to see the product in real-time and persuasively, allowing customers to understand the look and structure of the product, and to get orders and save product Development time and cost.

CNC Appearance Model

To present the appearance of product Modification of color and texture For exhibition and catalog shooting

zhengsheng module

Mechanism Model

Mechanism test for product kits, such as appearance models For product testing and trial operation For the purpose of the mass production of products.

zhengsheng module

Metal Model

Design and making of metal models

Fixture Making

Customized making and testing of fixtures.

zhengsheng module

Temporary Silicon Model

Using silicon to mold a prototype, and then filled with resin for vacuum forming For a large demand of molds, to shorten molding time and lower the costs .

zhengsheng module