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Working Flow

zhengsheng module

Zengsheng Module Company has over ten years of experiences in module customization. Focus on details is our foundation. We deliver full services to our clients for the shortest delivery period. It is our mission to meet clients’ expectations. Zhengsheng Module Company continues to improve its competiveness, and serves its clients cordially to achieve sustainable operation and gain customer loyalty. We sincerely look forward to serving you!

Anodizing Treatment

Surface Treatment│ Hairline Treatment │Hydrographics Transfer Printing│ Anodizing treatment│ Plating treatment│ Commonly Used Materials

zhengsheng module Hairline Brush Treatment:A currently widely used surface treatment process to produce a surface like full of hairs of different thickness and lengths on the product surface by using different grinding materials, with the special texture perceivable from different angles. Increase the added value and uniqueness of product

zhengsheng module Plating treatment:Use the principle of electrolysis to reduce the metal ions in solution to metal and deposit it on the negative electrode surface through the electric energy provided by an external DC electric power supply. -Prevent rusting  -Improve appearance

Anodizing Treatment:A kind of oxidation treatment to produce a hard and porous oxide layer on the surface of a work piece by way of conversion to produce the corrosion resistance and the final layer of finishing. A variety of chromogenic organic dye materials can be used to produce the stable and wear-resistant surface film.

Used Materials